There are two ways in which a podcast like this one can be made to work: either the participants talk normally and naturally, which should only be attempted by those who are either unusually knowledgeable or innately entertaining, or they prepare properly and present professionally (or, of course, both).  The speakers here do neither, instead stiltedly working their way through their undiverting opinions on a list of recent and forthcoming fights, as if agreeing to do so were part of the terms of their day release.  In an apparent attempt to sound like proper sports commentators they pile cliché upon weary cliché – we are reminded repeatedly that “styles make fights”; one bout is described as a “bruising encounter” – and sometimes don’t even get that right – two well-built fighters are described as “body beautifuls”.  Offering neither education nor entertainment, this podcast is so utterly without merit that is hard to understand why it exists.