Like most other podcasts based on the “two-guys-bullshitting-in-a-bar” model, the podcast of popular blog TQBR betrays little sign of structure or preparation.  And like every other podcast hosted on BlogTalkRadio, production values are on the low side of charmingly amateurish.  For example: the trumpet-heavy opening music is far louder than the participants’ voices, so that if the unwary listener allows his iPod to take him from one episode to another without adjusting the volume control he risks having his eardrums funkily perforated.   Further, significant chunks of the show are devoted to discussions of whether or not Skype is going to work, and whether one or other participant is going to be able to join. 

The hosts – Patrick Connor from the blog itself and James Foley from fellow-traveller blog – make an initially callow, almost teenage impression: Connor in particular suffers from a heavy self-consciousness, and both seem afraid of appearing to be anything other than deeply serious.  On the other hand, their analyses of fights historic and forthcoming are sensible and detailed, and once they loosen up they display impressive knowledge and infectious enthusiasm for their subject.  Just don’t expect many laughs.